Our Founder & Owner

Established in 2002 - Nahum Sturdevant - Owner

Founder and Owner, Nahum Sturdevant

Sturdevant Construction was established in 2002 under the name Sturdevant Expressions, LLC in Newport News, Virginia, by the entrepreneur and visionary Nahum Sturdevant.

Sturdevant has grown to over fifty employees and expanded into other states. In all practicality, however, the company has been in development for over fifteen years-- through the owner's experiences.

Nahum, a native of Seattle, is a rugged outdoorsman. He loves climbing, hunting, skiing, and sky diving the wilder the better. As seriously as he plays, he works. He began working in his father's carpentry business at seven. In his early teens he ran his own landscaping business.

During high school, Nahum developed his computer aided design (CAD) skills, and moved on to Chief Architect in 1996, a program he finds essential for his customers to visualize their dreams via 'virtual tours.'

After graduating high school, Nahum attended South Puget Sound Community College for web programming, computer programming, welding and more CAD design.

During college he worked for a commercial builder for two years, learning practical application of his architectural training. After SPSCC, he worked for Omega Ministries in Medford, Oregon, performing marketing and maintenance work.

In 2000 Sturdevant went to Michigan in pursuit of his BS in Business Administration. There he met his future wife, Sandy, which precipitated his move to her hometown of Newport News, but not before moving back to Seattle to obtain his real estate license. Upon first arriving in Newport News, he remodeled for an investor. Recognizing Nahum's vision and natural gift for business, the investor gave him bigger projects, requiring more employees, equipment, and technology thus developing Nahum's opportunity to execute his vision for the construction world.

Sturdevant Construction prides itself in being an industry leader in energy efficient construction, using technology to the fullest, with employees of solid character (thus excluding unreliable subcontractors). Being timely, reliable and ethical is what most builder's lack, so we have made it our crown jewel.


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