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How To Unclog a Toilet

02 Nov

Date: November 2, 2011

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Choosing The Right Plunger For Unclogging Drains

Make sure you use the right kind of plunger when unclogging sinks, bathtubs and toilets.


There are two types of plungers – a cup plunger and a flange or funnel plunger.

The cup plunger is used to create suction against a flat surface, like the bottom of a sink or a bathtub. This is not the best plunger to use for clearing a clogged toilet.

To clear a clogged toilet you should always use a flange plunger. This type of plunger is best for use on a toilet bowl’s curved surface. The flange will create a better seal around the clogged toilet’s outlet because the shape of the bottom of the plunger is specifically designed for use on a toilet.

Unclogging The Toilet

Now That You Have the Right Tool For the Job

Gently push the flange plunger onto the drainage outlet at the bottom or your clogged toilet.

For best results, push the plunger down slowly, to allow the air to escape from the plunger.

Once the plunger has made a seal, plunge up and down quickly to unclog the pipe. Try not to break the seal while doing this.

Next you will want to test the toilet to see if the clog has been removed. Do not flush the toilet, instead pour a small amount of water down the clogged toilet from a bucket. If the water is draining away, you have solved the problem. If you do not have a bucket on hand, try opening the tank cover and carefully raising the toilet flapper just a bit.

Do NOT raise the flapper all the way. You do not want the toilet to overflow if the clog is still there and you end up in an even worse situation.

If the water begins to drain away, you toilet is unclogged. Now you can try flushing the toilet by using the handle.

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